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Our company is one of the first tax consultancy companies in Poland (No44) registered on the list of legal persons, which are entitled to tax consultancy performing and keep books. The company has in the conduct of the accounts of the experience from the second half of the 90s. New information technologies has inspired us in recent times to automate the processes of communication with the client and let to a whole new system of cooperation, based on the use of mobile devices. The company is distinguished by the fact that it is able to provide clients with a high level of protection for their data, while relatively easy access to a variety of financial reports.

The company is able to provide support for clients from all over the country, and also for foreign clients in English and Russian.


We offer services within the following areas:

Full accounting

Book revenue and expenditures

Registered lump sum

All tax records

Personnel and payroll

Settlement of ZUS

Electronic archiving and document access

Our company constantly cooperate with the tax advisor and legal counsel, giving the opportunity for clients to take advantage of their services on priority conditions.

Our company stands out from the competition possibility of efficient preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

Online accounting

Online accounting

Client who for some reasons (frequent travel or a significant distance from our company) wishes to send documents or eventual access to copies of them took place electronically, on request can be equipped with tools for electronic communication, which in addition to insight some documents also give the possibility to create some financial reports. Such type of tools could greatly facilitate the management of any company, and may also provide insight into the data 24 hours a day.

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    AW Conslultans sp. z o.o.
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    Tel. 58 661 33 92
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