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A shareholder proposal may be a resolution submitted by shareholders that requires the company to take action on a specific concern. These plans are a part of a company’s proxy declaration and voted on at an annual shareholder meeting. A shareholder proposal must meet Security and Exchange Commission payment (SEC) rules to be the best performer on, and details on the method are available in a company’s SEC filings.

Shareholders should file 1 proposal annually and need to meet a specific ownership threshold to do so. In the usa, investors who own $2, 000 worth of an company’s stock continuously for the year qualify to file a shareholder proposal. If the pitch meets SEC guidelines, it is combined with the company’s annual proxy statement and voted about at an annual reaching.

The number of shareholder proposals registered increased significantly in 2015, but has as leveled away. The majority of these proposals relate to environmental, interpersonal, and governance problems that have a direct impact on a company’s business or are relevant to our economy at large. Some examples are climate alter, human capital, and governance of the personal sector.

Many of the most successful proposals benefit from a strong promotion advertising campaign that finds shareholders, NGOs and the news flash. This is important to ensuring the proposal causes it to become into the 12-monthly proxy declaration and is identified on, which is generally difficult intended for proposals with low support levels.

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